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July 13, 2023
Web Admin

Dear Doctors,
Web Portal page for Online Exam of MSc. Diabetes & Endocrinology Program (Semester-I, II & III) will be available soon. Please use your current username / password to login a given website address for Online Exam 2023.

Important Instructions READ CAREFULLY:

1.   Online Exam would take place from 10:00 hours (Pakistan Standard Time) 15th July 2023 till 23:00 hours 16th July 2023.

2.   You may choose to sit in the exam on the day of your choice.  However you can only attempt once. 

3.   Passing marks for final semester would be 70% in exam and 80% in modules assessments/assignment would be taking place, so you are requested to please keep your work updated. 

4.   Exam questions sequence and content would differ to each candidate and would be picked randomly by the system.

5.   Each Candidate can take the exam only once in the given time limit (100 minutes for Semester-I & II and 60 minutes for Semester-III).

6.   Once you click on the Exam Start Button, your exam time countdown will start and it will remain accessible till LIMIT time.

6.   If your internet slow down or hang-out during exam, do any of the following:

      a.   Refresh the web portal page by pressing the F5 button.


      b.   Close all open windows and again open the web browser and login again.

If you are still facing any technical error or need assistance please email to

Wishing you happy learning and best of luck in the exams

Web Admin

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